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Strategic Digital Commissioner

29 June 2022 Comments Off on Strategic Digital Commissioner

Senior Insight Analyst

20 June 2022 Comments Off on Senior Insight Analyst

Deputy Insight Manager

21 March 2022 Comments Off on Deputy Insight Manager

Lead Developer

9 March 2022 Comments Off on Lead Developer

UX Designer

9 March 2022 Comments Off on UX Designer

Head of Business Partnerships

1 March 2022 Comments Off on Head of Business Partnerships

Head of Data

1 March 2022 Comments Off on Head of Data

Providing devices

18 January 2022

Helping London’s public sector organisations maximise the number of devices to benefit digitally excluded Londoners.

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LOTI Leadership Series

14 January 2022

Videos and other content aimed at informing councils’ senior leadership teams and elected members about digital and data innovation.


Future Workplace

6 October 2021

Helping boroughs understand how they can use staff policies, technologies and new ways of working to create high-performing workplaces.

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Innovation in Procurement

22 July 2021

Introduction In its first year of operation, one of LOTI’s three work areas focused on improving boroughs’ procurement practices. In November 2019, in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, we launched the City Tools: London – a report and dashboard showcasing the technologies …

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Assistive Technology

12 July 2021

Helping boroughs make effective use of Assistive Technology (AT) to enable residents to live more independently.

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