AI Opportunities in Housing Services Webinar

Are you interested in how AI might transform our housing services in local government and beyond? From improving staff productivity to enabling more proactive services for both tenants and for building maintenance, join LOTI and a panel of AI experts to discuss what the real benefits of safely using AI might be for this priority service area.

Recent advances in AI technology may offer new solutions for improving the efficiency and performance of services. Whilst councils are interested in this opportunity as a whole, the key question that many officers are currently asking is “what are the right opportunities that I should be giving my attention to now?”. To help councils answer this question for themselves, LOTI has commissioned¬†Faculty¬†to deliver research into the practical opportunities AI has to offer the delivery of adult social care services.

Over May and June 2024, Faculty carried out user research interviews with digital teams, and adult social care leads within London boroughs
to identify common challenges and opportunities for AI in service delivery. Following this process, we worked with officers to decide a shortlist of opportunities that we expanded upon and suggested councils might focus their time on, which we will explore in this webinar.

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