Innovation Lunch and Learn: Tackling Rent Arrears with Digital Solutions

Rent arrears have become a significant challenge for local councils, particularly with the pandemic and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis putting extra strain on tenants. To address this, the Insight & Analytics Team and Rent Collection Service at Richmond and Wandsworth Councils embarked on an innovative journey to explore how early intervention through digital reminders could support tenants and streamline engagement.

Join us in this insightful session where we’ll dive into:

  • The Pilot and Trial: Discover how the team piloted and trialled a digital reminder solution, exploring its potential to prevent rent arrears.
  • Impact Evaluation: Learn about the metrics and methodologies used to evaluate the impact of these interventions.
  • Lessons Learned: Gain valuable insights from the challenges faced and the successes achieved during the pilot.
  • Simple Solutions for Complex Problems: Understand how a single, simple digital solution can address a fundamental business problem, making processes more efficient and effective.
  • From Pilot to Business As Usual: See the step-by-step process of how the solution was seamlessly rolled out to become a part of the standard operating procedure.
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