Pan-London IoT: Standards and Strategic Leadership Meeting

LOTI and the Greater London Authority (GLA) are collaborating to enable the rapid deployment of IoT Sensor technology that solve problems for councils and Londoner. The first area of focus is a Pan London IoT pilot project on damp and mould, but how can we further strategically collaborate on IoT across the city?

What are the main objectives of the meeting?

  1. Provide updates on the Pan-London Mould and Damp Project – Sharing the latest developments and discuss how we can further tackle this issue together.
  2. Explore further IoT Collaboration  Start the conversation on how we can team up in the area of Internet of Things to cut costs and boost benefits for everyone involved.
  3. Common Data Standards and Sensor Markets – Start the conversation about what data standards should we all be using in London and explore ways to shape the sensor market to our advantage.
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