Show and Tell: Introduction of Magic Notes by Kingston Council and Beam

About this Project

Kingston Council has partnered with Beam to focus on enhancing efficiencies within the Adult Social Care sector through using their Magic Notes product. The project’s goal is to automate drafting case notes and care assessments for social workers. With this proof of concept, the council will evaluate the accuracy of Magic Notes and its ability to significantly reduce administrative tasks for social workers. This initiative underscores a commitment to leveraging technology to streamline operations, thereby allowing social workers to dedicate more time to providing quality care.

What Will Be Covered in This Session?

During this session, participants will be introduced to Magic Notes, a cutting-edge product developed by Beam to transcribe and summarise information gathered during care visits. The presentation will outline the project’s objectives, share the vision behind the initiative, and provide attendees with a live demonstration of Magic Notes in action. This overview aims to give a comprehensive understanding of how the technology works and the benefits it brings to the adult social care process

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