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LOTI: Weeknote 55

LOTI in Year 2 We started the week with a meeting with our members to discuss our strategy and forward plan for the coming year. We set out our strategic…

by Eddie Copeland
17 August 2020

Covid Recovery: Data Exchange with the VCS

Introduction Boroughs VCS organisations have been collaborating to provide vital support services to those in need during the Covid crisis. This work has highlighted the value of these partnerships but…

LOTI: Weeknote 56

Connecting with new members Last week, we welcomed Barnet, our newest member. We also met with Aruj Haider, the newly appointed Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Westminster. Aruj outlined areas…

by Eddie Copeland
24 August 2020

LOTI: Weeknote 57

Last week with Eddie, Genta and Onyeka all taking a well-earned break, I (Jay, for those who don’t know) was left home alone at LOTI. Despite many of our borough…

by Jay Saggar
1 September 2020

Life as a Digital Apprentice: Hidayat Deen

Hi all, I’m Hidayat Deen, I currently work at Hackney Council as an IT Delivery Management Apprentice. I’m doing a Level 4 Project Management Apprenticeship. Why did you become a…

by Eddie Copeland
4 September 2020

Life As a Digital Apprentice

Hi, My name is Emma O’Reilly, and I am a Delivery Manager Apprentice at Hackney Council. As I have now come to the end of my apprenticeship qualification I thought…

by Eddie Copeland
2 September 2020

Digital Apprenticeships: A Manager’s Perspective

Yesterday, we shared what it’s like to be a LOTI Digital Apprentice, from the perspective of Emma O’Reilly, a Delivery Manager Apprentice at Hackney Council. Today, we’re sharing what it’s…

by Eddie Copeland
3 September 2020

Innovation in Procurement

Introduction In its first year of operation, one of LOTI’s three work areas focused on improving boroughs’ procurement practices. In November 2019, in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, we launched the…

LOTI: Weeknote 58

Innovation in Procurement To further our work on improving innovation in technology procurement in boroughs, we’ll be launching the next iteration of the City Tools platform, which is called Thirty3….

by Eddie Copeland
7 September 2020

Digital, Data & Innovation Reference Model

Introduction LOTI wants to see a future where London’s public sector organisations can thrive in the digital era, achieving their best for their residents. The Covid experience has highlighted that…

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