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LOTI Digital Apprenticeship Guides

12 October 2022

These guides provide advice on how councils can use apprenticeships to develop their digital talent pipeline.

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What can you expect from LOTI in Year 3?

23 August 2021

An overview of LOTI’s themes and areas of work in Year 3, together with the specific things we want to accomplish in Q1.

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LOTI: Annual Report 2021

15 July 2021

LOTI’s Annual Report 2021 looking back & celebrating our community’s achievements alongside the partners from the public, private and third sectors who’ve helped us along the way.

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Supporting our Future Digital Leaders

5 March 2021

LOTI draws the Digital Apprenticeships project to a close – the first in the Digital Leadership workstream.

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Weeknote 5 of 2021

8 February 2021

LOTI reviews boroughs’ ideas to tackle vulnerability, GLA announces £1million for digital inclusion; we hold final DA virtual learning session

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LOTI & Microsoft Digital Apprentices Power BI Hackathon

6 January 2021

Feedback of LOTI and Microsoft’s Power BI Hackathon from Southwark Council’s Digital Apprentices, Yvonne Rinkart and Shaun Madziva.

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LOTI: End-of-year note

21 December 2020

LOTI’s final weeknote for 2020 sheds light on what we’ve been able to achieve this year with the help of our amazing community of local government officers & private sector partners.

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LOTI: Weeknote 71

7 December 2020

In weeknote 71, LOTI & Microsoft host PowerBI Hackathon, showcase C19 Challenge project & run 2nd Innovation in Housing procurement workshop.

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What’s LOTI working on?

3 November 2020

An overview of the five different ways in which the LOTI community is working to get useful things done in the final weeks of 2020.

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Digital Apprenticeships Challenge Day II

23 October 2020

Julian Layton, the Business Analyst Apprentice for Hackney Council shares what he gained from the LOTI & AWS Challenge Day.

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Digital Apprenticeships Challenge Day

21 October 2020

Jamie Penston Raja, the Digital Project Management Apprentice for Southwark Council shares what he gained from the LOTI & AWS Challenge Day.

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LOTI: Weeknote 61

28 September 2020

In week 61, LOTI held two workshops to explore what systemic issues and barriers prevent London boroughs from using Assistive Technologies (AT), explore how to use data to further Digital Leadership in boroughs in year 2, as well as working with PUBLIC to explore what opportunities there are for boroughs to establish shared ways of working (innovation in procurement).

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