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How can London Boroughs and industry collaborate on re-inventing the future of care?

6 October 2022

Key trends across the care ecosystem, priorities, approaches and delivery models to keep an eye on as they are are being re-imagined.

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Innovative service models in social care

11 April 2022

Research, analysis and case studies outlining how organisations in the UK and abroad are using digital and innovative approaches for delivering high-quality social care.

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Social care technology innovators

11 April 2022

A database of UK-based social care technology innovators and accompanying report outlining how these innovative solutions are supporting the social care sector.

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Housing Tech Supplier Landscape Research

9 September 2021

A summary of innovative housing technology suppliers.

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What can you expect from LOTI in Year 3?

23 August 2021

An overview of LOTI’s themes and areas of work in Year 3, together with the specific things we want to accomplish in Q1.

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LOTI: Annual Report 2021

15 July 2021

LOTI’s Annual Report 2021 looking back & celebrating our community’s achievements alongside the partners from the public, private and third sectors who’ve helped us along the way.

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Housing Services IT procurement specification and templates

29 June 2021

A collection of three reusable guides and templates to help councils wishing to procure Housing Management Services IT systems.

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Weeknote 25 of 2021

28 June 2021

In weeknote 25 of 2021, LOTI held meetings for our Innovation in Procurement forum and Data networks, as well as hosted our final show & tell

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Weeknote 10 of 2021

15 March 2021

LOTI updates members on latest with projects, plans for life post-lockdown, and welcomes Havering as latest member.

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Weeknote 9 of 2021

8 March 2021

In weeknote 9 of 2021, LOTI reviewed the EV charge point dashboard & shared an invitation with SMEs to showcase their innovative solutions.

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Housing Services Management Innovative Supplier Showcase

3 March 2021

LOTI invites small and innovative companies to showcase their software solutions relevant to local authorities’ housing services needs.

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Weeknote 5 of 2021

8 February 2021

LOTI reviews boroughs’ ideas to tackle vulnerability, GLA announces £1million for digital inclusion; we hold final DA virtual learning session

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