‘How to’ Guides for your Future Workplace

What is it?

LOTI are producing guides for organisations wanting to take practical and more innovative steps towards their Future Workplace. The ‘How to’ guides offer tangible suggestions and steps under different themes, as well as Recommendations and Useful Resources, for Boroughs interested in exploring particular relevant topics.

Why did we create it?

These guides have been developed as part of our of research on the Future Workplace. The Covid-19 pandemic, as well as other long term trends like digitisation, have transformed the world of work for good. In order to ensure that they can deliver the best results for their residents, attract and retain better talent with new skills, and function better as an organisation, boroughs need to proactively imagine what their Future Workplace might look like, and take steps now to explore how they can realise their aspirations.

From research in 2021, including interviews with boroughs as well as leading experts from beyond London local government, LOTI identified a number of priority areas. For most areas considered, good practice has yet to be truly established and so shared lessons across London is a vital first step. As such, these resources bring together solutions not just from within local government in London, but from the private sector, from national government, and from around the world.

LOTI are interested in supporting pilots, experiments and future events off the back of these resources. If LOTI members are interested in any of the topics raised in these guides, please email LOTI Researcher Sam Nutt.

Who should use it?

These guides will be particularly useful for senior leaders in organisations, in particular in Organisational Development or HR and Digital teams, who want to understand what they might be doing beyond the immediately obvious, to improve their Workplace.

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How can I… create the healthiest future workplace?
This guide shares a number of steps under two themes that organisations can take to create healthier workplaces. First, how to respond better to Covid-19-induced risks, both in terms of real health risks and how to reduce staff anxiety around returning to the office. Second, innovative steps that organisations can take to improve their employee health in the long-term.

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How can I… create the most inclusive future workplace?
A more inclusive organisation is a higher-performing one that attracts, retains and gets the best out of staff with the skills needed to deliver services for their residents. This guide explains what steps boroughs should be taking to promote inclusivity in their future workplace.

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How can I… run better hybrid meetings?
Hybrid meetings – virtual meetings where some staff are in the same room – are a particular challenge that will be part of hybrid work. In this guide, we explore different recommendations from the organisations that are doing hybrid meetings best, explaining when to run them, and how to run them better.

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