How can I… run better hybrid meetings?
Running hybrid meetings

Why is this important?

In hybrid organisations (where employees are split between central offices and remote locations, such as their homes), hybrid meetings are here to stay. But it is not easy to get these meetings right. 

Although all London boroughs have taken steps to put suitable audio-visual equipment in dedicated rooms,  it is important that they consider more than the technology and think about how hybrid meetings are actually run

Hybrid meetings create a unique set of challenges. Remote participants may struggle to hear people who are in the physical meeting room, especially if several people are talking at the same time, and are not able to engage with physical resources from afar. At the same time, it can be difficult for people in the room to do things in parallel with remote participants and to understand how engaged they are. 

Given the pace at which ways of working are changing, boroughs should continually review and adapt their approach so that their organisations can get the most out of hybrid meetings now and in the future.

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