About LOTI

LOTI is London local government’s innovation team. We’re here to help borough councils and the GLA use innovation, data and technology to be high-performing organisations, improve services and tackle London’s biggest challenges together.

We aim to find, fund and then scale the best ideas across London local government.

Founded in July 2019 with just 15 boroughs, LOTI’s record of delivery has led to its membership growing to include 27 boroughs, the Greater London Authority and London Councils. Today, it connects more than 1,000 local government colleagues online and in person, helping them to share knowledge, build capacity, run projects and influence change together.

The LOTI community is supported by a team of 10 people, hosted at London Councils. As our membership organisation, our operations are funded by through an annual subscription from borough councils and grants from the GLA, London Councils and other partners.

Why London needs LOTI

London boroughs face a perfect storm of reduced budgets and spiralling demand for their services. At the same time, they need to find and rapidly implement solutions to wicked problems that affect the whole city, such as climate change, homelessness and social care reform. In the face of such pressures, two things are clear: First, these issues cannot be solved by individual boroughs acting alone. Second, councils cannot rely on using only the same tools and methods that have been tried in the past.

In short: boroughs need to collaborate and innovate.

Yet collaboration can be hard and innovation is often associated with risk. LOTI exists to make collaboration easy, effective and rewarding, and helps de-risk innovation by funding and sharing experiments across boroughs.

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What we do

Our Members

LOTI is made up of a coalition of the Greater London Authority, London Councils and boroughs who want to work together to bring the best of innovation, data and technology to improve public services for Londoners.

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Our Team

Eddie Copeland


Genta Hajri

Delivery Lead: Digital Innovation

Jay Saggar

Programme Manager: Data, Smart Cities & Cyber Security

Sam Nutt

Researcher & Data Ethicist

Polly Kwok

Communications and Engagement Manager

Esther Longe

Team Administrator

Victoria Blyth

Pan-London Information Governance Lead

Edi Whitehead

Skills & Talent Manager

Anna Humpleby

Data Projects Manager

Anjali Moorthy

Service Designer

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