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Research into Device Upcycling in London

A research report exploring the potential of using upcycled devices from London’s major corporate and public sector organisations to meet the demand for devices.

Data Ethics Recommendations and Principles

LOTI has developed 15 recommendations for local government to develop their data ethics capabilities, building on a review of existing ethical principles from around the world. ‘Data ethics’ refers to how we collect, share and use data, and so goes …

Digital Exclusion Story Maps

Digital Exclusion story maps guide practitioners in boroughs, health and the VCS to the places and people in most need of digital inclusion support. Our initial work has focused on Older People.

Mapping Digital Inclusion Interventions

Templates to help practitioners map their borough’s services to the segments of digital exclusion.

Innovative service models in social care

Research, analysis and case studies outlining how organisations in the UK and abroad are using digital and innovative approaches for delivering high-quality social care.

Social care technology innovators

A database of UK-based social care technology innovators and accompanying report outlining how these innovative solutions are supporting the social care sector.

Research into Digital Inclusion in London

A comprehensive report outlining the approaches undertaken by the public, private and third sectors in tackling digital exclusion in London.

Device Upcycling Service Providers

A list of almost 40 device upcycling service providers including details of what services they provide, the costs they charge and what volumes they deal with.

Data Ethics Case Study Library

LOTI have collected a range of case studies from different government organizations, both local, national and international, detailing different approaches to data ethics.

A guide to sourcing digital devices

Using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to source devices for digitally excluded people.

Digital, Tech and Data Job Description Library

LOTI’s library of job descriptions for council digital, technology and data roles.

‘How to’ Guides for your Future Workplace

LOTI’s guides to creating workplaces that attract and retain staff and enable organisations to perform at their best.

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