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Data Ethics Case Study Library

LOTI have collected a range of case studies from different government organisations, both local, national and international, detailing different approaches to data ethics.

A guide to sourcing digital devices

Using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to source devices for digitally excluded people.

Digital, Tech and Data Job Description Library

LOTI’s library of job descriptions for council digital, technology and data roles.

‘How to’ Guides for your Future Workplace

What is it? LOTI are producing guides for organisations wanting to take practical and more innovative steps towards their Future Workplace. The ‘How to’ guides offer tangible suggestions and steps under different themes, as well as Recommendations and Useful Resources, …

How to recruit for hard-to-fill roles

Guide outlining measures councils can take to successfully recruit for hard-to-fill roles, particularly in the fields of digital, IT and data.

Social tariffs and mobile packages

Raising awareness of the latest social tariffs and mobile packages to benefit digitally excluded Londoners.

How to upcycle retired devices in your organisation

A simple and practical guide and process map to help organisations upcycle their retired devices.

Mapping Digital Exclusion Toolkit

A guide to using the London Digital Exclusion Map and Persona Bank in your locality.

LOTI Guide to Designing Smart City Projects

A guide to designing smart city projects that are outcomes focused and embed trust, ethics and security as foundational principles.

How to Establish A Data Ethics Governance Board

A collection of resources that document the data ethics board and accompanying processes that Brent has established to govern data projects

Amazon Echo Pilot: A Case Study from Greenwich

An assistive technology case study outlining details of the Amazon Echo pilot undertaken by Greenwich and funded by LOTI.

Data Quality: Why it Matters and How to Improve It

A guide to help councils have better conversations about data quality, why it matters, and how to improve it.

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