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LOTI outcomes-based methodology for data projects

LOTI’s outcomes-based methodology for data projects, which focuses on identifying the role data can play in delivering real-world outcomes.

Digital Inclusion Case Study Library

A searchable database of 28 international case studies on digital inclusion initiatives.

Assistive Technology Research Report

LOTI’s research report to understand the breadth and quality of existing cases studies available online on the use of Assistive Technologies.

Assistive Technology Case Study Library

A searchable database of more than 120 case studies on the use of Assistive Technology (AT) for local authorities.

Assistive Technology User Agreement Template

A plain English template user agreement for use in Assistive Technology (AT) trials conducted by local authorities. 

Innovation in Procurement Toolkit

Innovation in Procurement Tooklit by LOTI and PUBLIC – designed to help councils improve their procurement outcomes when purchasing technology products and services.

Community Insights Projects – User Guide

A guide on how to create and run Community Insights Projects: bringing together Voluntary and Charitable Sector staff and council data experts to explore how different types of quantitative and qualitative data can be used to meet the needs of residents.

Dapian – Data Privacy Impact Assessment tool

Dapian – an online tool for creating Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs), co-created and co-funded by LOTI.

Tender Wording for Data Access and API Requirements

Wording for technology tenders to ensure boroughs can set clear expectations with suppliers about their data access and API requirements.

LOTI outcomes-based methodology

LOTI’s outcomes-based methodology for collaborative projects.

Research on use of Smart Water Bottles in Care Homes

Research on the use of smart water bottles to reduce levels of dehydration amongst care home residents.

Assistive Technology Results Template

Template for recording the results of assistive technology trials.

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