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Smart City Use Case Library

LOTI has pulled together this library of smart city use cases to help boroughs in London learn from each other.

London’s smart city picture

Learn more about the London boroughs and organisations that are actively involved in the Smart City space.

LOTI’s Service Innovation Cards

LOTI’s Service Innovation Cards help teams think more creatively about how they can improve the services they offer.

Guidance on Generative AI

LOTI have created four resources to initially guide local authorities to make sure they are able to confidently approach aspects of Generative AI.

Data Protection Guidance – Rough Sleeping Project

Charities and service providers, along with local authorities, are asked to share personal data of clients in the Strategic Insights Tool for Rough Sleeping. This guidance has been developed to support such organisations to engage with this project and provide advice on identifying the relevant lawful basis for their processing and data sharing.

Triaging Digital Inclusion Needs

LOTI sought to test the effectiveness of a triaging digital inclusion needs approach with the following four boroughs: Barnet, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark, and Westminster.

Advice On Sharing Pupil Information For Vaccinations In Schools

Background A Child Health Information Services (CHIS) is an NHS-commissioned service that is responsible for collating data from various organisations for all children that are either residents or registered with a GP Practice in a specified area, into a single …

Serious Violence Duty Data Sharing Requirements

A presentation proposing approaches to meet the responsibilities for data sharing and protection for the serious violence duty

How can I… create the healthiest future workplace?

There is now an opportunity to create even healthier working environments that boost both the physical and mental health of staff and support a sustainable high-achieving workforce.

How can I… create the most inclusive future workplace?

Inclusive workplaces are happier, more motivated and productive – and ultimately deliver better services for their citizens.

How can I… run better hybrid meetings?

In hybrid organisations (where employees are split between central offices and remote locations, such as their homes), hybrid meetings are here to stay. But it is not easy to get these meetings right.

How can I… onboard staff in hybrid workplaces?

Now that many employees are working in a hybrid way (split between remote and in-office working), organisations will have to change how they onboard new staff.

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