Innovation in Resident Participation in London Local Government Report

What is it?

This report looks at different examples of emerging and innovative practice in resident participation in local authorities in London. It is split into three sections, one looking at attempts to foster deliberation through mostly non-technological solutions, another looking at technology-based innovations, and the third looking at the conditions within a council that enable good participation to happen.

Why did we create it?

Improving how we collaborate with and listen to residents is a priority for local government. It can help councils make better decisions and deliver better services, it gives greater legitimacy and can guide complex decisions, and it can improve social cohesion. However, it is increasingly apparent that we can do better than existing or historical practices around resident engagement, such as surveys. This report sought to reveal what are the good emerging practices to inspire councils to do better in the future, and to demonstrate to external organisations or researchers the state of play of practice in local government.

Who should use it?

The primary audience is local authority officers who want to see the art of the possible for resident participation. The report looks at case studies from over 20 authorities in different contexts, including both high- and low-cost solutions, so there should be something there for everyone. The secondary audience are researchers or other external organisations who are interested in understanding what local government is doing in terms of participation, and also how local government itself reflects on where it wants to improve.

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