Our Approach


LOTI uses an outcomes-based methodology – an extension of the Design Council’s double diamond approach – for all projects. That means we start with the end in mind, focusing on what we’d like to be different in the world because we acted. 

When setting out on projects that expect to have a significant technology component, we try to head off the risk of ignoring the hidden enablers of a great solution by building in an explicit prompt to consider the non-technical aspects of the problems and solutions.

LOTI outcomes based method

LOTI outcomes based method


We recognise that while digital technologies and data provide a powerful set of tools and approaches with which to innovate, they are rarely the whole solution. We’re therefore committed to working with colleagues far beyond boroughs’ technology teams to understand the real nature of the challenges to be addressed and how they can be solved.


We fundamentally believe in the power of collaboration, but we know that working across organisations can be hard. We’re dedicated to making collaboration frictionless for our members. We use agile methods with a healthy dose of pragmatism to get things done. Our aim is to work quickly, trial and improve ideas fast, and deliver results


We believe in working in the open and being honest about our successes and failures – it helps make our work better. The vast majority of our documents are public domain and this website also offers a dedicated library of our reusable resources, guides and toolkits. We also publish a monthly newsletter, read our latest newsletter:

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