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Piloting a home care cooperative in Clapton

An integrated, localised, home-care service that puts community networks, trained care workers and care recipients at the heart of its delivery.

Developing a data platform for frontline care workers

Seeking to identify the most useful data sets so that people needing care can be supported in a timely and appropriate way. 

Rough Sleeping Insights Project

Bringing data together to support London’s goal of making rough sleeping rare, brief and non-recurrent.

Pan-London Data Sharing Agreements Project

Since the fundamentals of sharing data for many public sector purposes are the same across local authorities and the police, it is preferable to have one agreement; to provide clarity to professionals and promote a shared understanding of when and how information should be shared.

Innovative Participation Methods

Supporting boroughs to use new tools and methods to put resident voices at the heart of their decision-making, policy creation and service design.

Designing a digital inclusion service

A London-wide service offering devices, data and digital skills to Londoners who need to get online.

Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme

Supporting boroughs to tackle digital exclusion in London

Supporting Dementia Care

Equipping community support groups with the right skills and knowledge to provide digitally inclusive services to people affected by dementia

New Service Models in Adult Social Care

Introduction Adult social care is under enormous pressure. Budget constraints are severe and demand is growing. Both social care professionals and the people they serve report that the quality of outcomes is often not where they would like them to …

London Climate Goals Design Sprint

Exploring how digital, data and innovative smart city approaches can support the delivery of the capital’s environmental goals

Data Ethics

Supporting boroughs to reliably make sound ethical decisions about using data in the right way to do the right thing.

Using social value

Helping boroughs leverage value from contracts and directing social value contributions to enable digital inclusion provision.

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