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Adult social care is under enormous pressure. Budget constraints are severe and demand is growing. Both social care professionals and the people they serve report that the quality of outcomes is often not where they would like them to be.

In response, on 21 November 2022, LOTI hosted an innovation day at London City Hall for adult social care professionals and their third and private sector partners to explore the possibility of developing new service models. Participants learned and were supported to think about radical new approaches to meeting social care needs. The focus was on delivering better outcomes in more sustainable ways over the long term, using all the tools, approaches and methods that are available in the internet era. The event will be followed by a £200k innovation fund to incentivise, select and pilot the most promising ideas for new service models. More information on the Innovation fund including how boroughs can apply, can be found in this blog.

This work builds on LOTI’s prior research and projects that have examined how boroughs can make better use of assistive technology. To increase our understanding of this field, we have also published the following research:

  1. Social care technology innovators: This report produced by CC2i, looks at the innovative supplier market, focusing on SMEs and start-ups that offer interesting and relevant tools to social care services.
  2. New service models: This report produced by PUBLIC, highlights interesting case studies where technology is enabling radical new service models in the UK and abroad to deliver better quality care.

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Social care technology innovators

A database of UK-based social care technology innovators and accompanying report outlining how these innovative solutions are supporting the social care sector.

Innovative service models in social care

Research, analysis and case studies outlining how organisations in the UK and abroad are using digital and innovative approaches for delivering high-quality social care.

Project Timeline


Webinar: Innovation Fund

In this webinar, the LOTI team explain the purpose of the Innovation Fund, project selection criteria and timelines for applications. A recording of the session can be viewed in this link and the slides presented can be found in this document.



Launch of LOTI’s Innovation Fund

On 21 November, LOTI also launched the Innovation Fund, which seeks to support the piloting of new, radical ways for improving adult social care outcomes. More details about the fund including timelines can be viewed in this blog.


Innovation Day: New Service Models in Adult Social Care

On 21 November 2022, LOTI was pleased to bring together borough social care leads and innovators who are already leading the way in addressing social care needs in completely new ways. The day was focused on thinking creatively about how we might enable people with care needs to lead thriving lives. The raw ideas that emerged on the day can be viewed in this document.

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Briefing Session: New Service Models in Adult Social Care

LOTI held a briefing session to outline our plans for the upcoming Innovation Day for New Service Models in Adult Social Care.


New Service Models Innovation Day & Fund

This deck provides an overview of LOTI’s plans to host an innovation day and fund to explore radical new service models in the field of adult social care.

Image of title slide stating: New Service Models in Adult Social Care Innovation Day & Fund


Research: New service models

In this LOTI commissioned research, PUBLIC present a wide range of UK and international examples employing new approaches for delivering social care. You can access the executive summary, full report and the case study library on the innovative service models in social care resource page.


Research: Technology Innovators

In this LOTI commissioned research, CC2i present a wide range of UK based technology suppliers offering innovative tools enabling social care service delivery. You can access the executive summary, full report and the database of suppliers on the social care technology innovators resource page.

Project Kick-off

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