New Service Models in Social Care

Helping boroughs think differently about social care delivery

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LOTI is launching a new project exploring how digital technology and new service models can improve outcomes for people receiving adult social care services. This builds on our previous work helping boroughs to get better value from contracts and using assistive technologies.

We are interested both in how boroughs can work with a broader range of innovative technology suppliers to support their current social care operations, and also in how radical new service models can improve the quality of the care while providing services that are financially sustainable.

Why are we doing this?

Mainly for two reasons:

  1. Financial pressures. Social care costs are causing serious financial pressure on local authorities all around the UK. Innovation is needed to find financially sustainable, digitally-enabled delivery models that can help practitioners deliver the best care to the people that need it in way that is affordable to residents and local authorities.
  2. Improving outcomes. All boroughs want to deliver an outstanding level of care to improve quality of life, enable people to live independently for longer, reduce social isolation and ultimately prevent or delay entry into the care system altogether.

We acknowledge that this work involves tackling some wicked, generation-old problems for which there is no silver bullet. However, we’re using this as an opportunity to collaborate with boroughs, the NHS and other partners to co-design and test the role of technologies and different ways of delivering services.

To increase our understanding of this field, we commissioned the following research:

  1. Technology innovators: This report produced by CC2i, looks at the innovative supplier market, focusing on SMEs and start-ups that offer interesting and relevant tools to social care services. We hope this will highlight suppliers, tools and emerging products boroughs may not have heard of or previously considered.
  2. New service models: This report produced by PUBLIC, highlights interesting case studies where technology is enabling radical new service models in the UK and abroad to deliver better quality care. We hope this will help demonstrate the ‘art of the possible’ in the social care ecosystem.

Our aspirations to do something meaningful in this area are strong but we’re pragmatic and understand that this comes with a huge risk element for leaders. For this reason, alongside the above research, the LOTI team are undertaking a series of discussions with leaders and willing partners in this field.

If you’re interested in contributing, please get in touch at



Social care technology innovators

A database of UK-based social care technology innovators and accompanying report outlining how these innovative solutions are supporting the social care sector.

Innovative service models in social care

Research, analysis and case studies outlining how organisations in the UK and abroad are using digital and innovative approaches for delivering high-quality social care.

Project Timeline


Research: New service models

In this LOTI commissioned research, PUBLIC present a wide range of UK and international examples employing new approaches for delivering social care. You can access the executive summary, full report and the case study library on the innovative service models in social care resource page.


Research: Technology Innovators

In this LOTI commissioned research, CC2i present a wide range of UK based technology suppliers offering innovative tools enabling social care service delivery. You can access the executive summary, full report and the database of suppliers on the social care technology innovators resource page.

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