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All the latest news from LOTI, including our research on the future workplace, multi-agency data sharing and Newham Sparks.

by Eddie Copeland
27 September 2021

All the latest news from the London Office of Technology and Innovation, including welcoming Sam Nutt as the latest member of the team!

by Eddie Copeland
20 September 2021

Overview of LOTI Communications and Engagement Manager role, details of information webinars and how to apply.

by Eddie Copeland

Introducing our Digital Inclusion PM; exploring the direction of our digital inclusion work and finding ways to boost boroughs’ data capacity

by Eddie Copeland
13 September 2021

All the latest news from the London Office of Technology and Innovation.

by Eddie Copeland
6 September 2021

All the from LOTI, including publishing digitally exclusion personas, a guide to using the London Datastore, and researching data ethics.

by Eddie Copeland
31 August 2021

An overview of LOTI’s themes and areas of work in Year 3, together with the specific things we want to accomplish in Q1.

by Eddie Copeland
23 August 2021

Details of how to get involved in LOTI’s upcoming work to co-design and test new digital methods to better support people living with dementia

by Genta Hajri
5 August 2021

The latest news from LOTI, covering: mapping digital exclusion with data, device upcycling, data networks and saying adieu to Onyeka!

by Eddie Copeland
2 August 2021

The latest from LOTI, in which we share our Year 2 celebration video; outline our Year 3 themes and recruit two new members of the team!

by Eddie Copeland
26 July 2021

Weeknote 28 of 2021 is a summary of LOTI’s Second Year Anniversary week, including a summary of outputs published and highlights from our anniversary celebration.

by Eddie Copeland
19 July 2021

LOTI’s Annual Report 2021 looking back & celebrating our community‚Äôs achievements alongside the partners from the public, private and third sectors who’ve helped us along the way.

by Eddie Copeland
15 July 2021

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