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Lucy Dunn from WLA explains their approach to understanding which IoT & 5G use cases have the greatest positive impact on the lives of those living and working in West London. 

by Lucy Dunn
22 May 2024

Katie and Anjali provide a few tools for local authorities to get started in bringing a service design mindset and skills to their organisations.

by Anjali Moorthy

Apolitical has launched the Government AI Campus to help build AI capability in government.

by Apolitical
20 May 2024

To help organisations tackle net zero through procurement, PUBLIC is partnering with the Crown Commercial Service on a project funded by the Open Contracting Partnership’s Lift impact accelerator programme. 

by Leyre Villaizan

Genta from the LOTI team reflects on her experience attending the Eurocities Digital Inclusion Forum in Rotterdam.

by Genta Hajri

As part of funding from the Mayor of London, 200 small sensors that record temperature and humidity are being distributed to 18 boroughs.

by Jay Saggar

What do council leadership teams need to do and know about innovation to enable it to thrive in their organisations?

by Eddie Copeland

James Scott from DSIT’s Responsible Technology Adoption Unit introduces AI assurance and how it can be used to support local governments adopt responsible AI.

by James Scott

LOTI’s new report to answer: “How are London boroughs finding new, innovative ways to involve residents in how they make decisions & design services?”

by Sam Nutt
24 April 2024

As the pilot project comes to a close, the boroughs of Hounslow & Brent, and Social Finance reflect on developing a professional linkage platform in adult social care.

by Harry Angus

As London’s collaboration hub on data, digital and innovation for local government, here is a brief overview of our online communities of practice.

by Esther Longe

Luke Tanner from Equal Care Co-op shares his experience and work as they entered the final quarter of their Commons-based care pilot project.

by Luke Tanner
22 April 2024

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