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LOTI’s latest news, covering the award winning digital exclusion mapping project, using social value, and exploring new operating models.

by Eddie Copeland
30 November 2021

A comprehensive overview of how boroughs are tackling digital exclusion as part of DIIP

by Genta Hajri
23 November 2021

List of 25 things LOTI is working on between October 2021 – January 2022 against its three themes of work and nine areas of focus.

by Eddie Copeland
22 November 2021

LOTI’s latest news, covering digital solutions for dementia care, exploring social tariffs and forming a LOTI Women Digital Leaders Network.

by Eddie Copeland
15 November 2021

A list of 35 guides, toolkits and templates developed by the LOTI community for use by anyone. Make things open: it makes things better!

by Eddie Copeland
9 November 2021

LOTI’s latest weeknote, covering research into Data Ethics and the Future Workplace, updates on digital inclusion and our latest publications.

by Eddie Copeland

An overview of the prototypes we’re developing to support people affected by dementia engage online.

by Genta Hajri
3 November 2021

All the latest news from LOTI, including developing our communities of practice, ploughing ahead with digital inclusion projects and supporting DCMS’s research on smart cities.

by Eddie Copeland
2 November 2021

All the latest news from LOTI, covering our work on digital inclusion, data skills and capacity, and the future workplace.

by Eddie Copeland
25 October 2021

Share how your organisation is changing for hybrid working, and access our public database of practices!

by Sam Nutt

Reflections and lessons learned from the Data Science Bootcamp piloted by LOTI and the Office for National Statistics.

by Jay Saggar
22 October 2021

Full details of the LOTI community’s progress against its objectives and key results for the first quarter of Year 3.

by Eddie Copeland

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