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Jamie Penston Raja, the Digital Project Management Apprentice for Southwark Council shares what he gained from the LOTI & AWS Challenge Day.

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
21 October 2020

All the latest on the LOTI community’s work during week 64. Covering Covid, digital inclusion, digital apprenticeships and more.

by Eddie Copeland
19 October 2020

A list of challenges LOTI boroughs are experiencing with datasets needed to support residents during COVID-19.

by Jay Saggar
16 October 2020

Six specific measures London local government should take to improve data collaboration.

by Eddie Copeland
15 October 2020

The roadmap to helping LOTI boroughs use Assistive Technologies (AT) for Covid Recovery

by Genta Hajri
14 October 2020

In weeknote 63, LOTI met with members to share updates on Innovation in Procurement and Covid Recovery projects.

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
12 October 2020

In week 62, LOTI held workshops to discuss the potential to collaborate and innovate in procurement and explore how London boroughs could work together to tackle digital exclusion in the capital.

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
5 October 2020

In week 61, LOTI held two workshops to explore what systemic issues and barriers prevent London boroughs from using Assistive Technologies (AT), explore how to use data to further Digital Leadership in boroughs in year 2, as well as working with PUBLIC to explore what opportunities there are for boroughs to establish shared ways of working (innovation in procurement).

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
28 September 2020

An overview of LOTI’s priorities for Year 2, covering why we’re doing what we’re doing

by Eddie Copeland

First notes from our data exchange project, improving the flow of data between councils and voluntary organisations to support vulnerable residents during COVID-19

by Sandra Einon
24 September 2020

Week 60 was busy for the LOTI team: we resumed our virtual meet-up for Data Analysts in London boroughs, convened our members to update them on projects’ progress and explored how we can help London boroughs to better understand the┬ádigital, data and innovation capabilities they need to thrive in the digital era.

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
21 September 2020

In weeknote 59, LOTI shares the latest on work to improve innovation in local government technology procurement, and work to better understand the capabilities Local Gov needs to develop in the fields of digital, data and innovation to thrive in the digital era.

by Onyeka Onyekwelu
14 September 2020

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