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The Pan-London Data Sharing Agreements (DSA) project began at the end of 2020 with the desired outcome of a DSA with the Metropolitan Police that all London Boroughs would agree to sign. Historically, there was no coordinating force across London …

by Victoria Blyth
6 January 2023

The season of goodwill, togetherness, and community is upon us. Turn on any channel, walk into any shop, speak to most people and you will hear the annual call to action, ‘Have a Merry Christmas’.  Though we all may hear …

by Katy Moran
21 December 2022

2022 has been an exciting year at LOTI. We have seen the LOTI team grow to eight people and our LOTI member boroughs grow to 25. We have held at least six major in-person events to tackle issues like net …

by Polly Kwok

LOTI announces the launch of its strategic partnership with techUK, the trade association serving the digital technology sector in the UK. 

by Eddie Copeland
29 November 2022

The latest update on the two climate projects that LOTI is working on with the London Environmental Directors Network.

by Jay Saggar
28 November 2022

Come join the LOTI team in the new role of Skills and Talent Manager and help boroughs access and grow the talent they need to thrive!

by Eddie Copeland
24 November 2022

Eddie Copeland outlines LOTI’s thinking on why new service models are needed in the field of adult social care.

by Eddie Copeland
17 November 2022

All about the Supporting Dementia Care toolkit.

by Polly Kwok
25 October 2022

Whatever the ratio of working from home to office days teams might choose, and despite finally seeing each other more face-to-face, the virtual meetings do not seem to be going anywhere.  With collaboration at the heart of our work, here …

by Polly Kwok
19 October 2022

Today LOTI is launching the London Data Ethics Service, encompassing three initiatives that aim to support our members to use residents’ data in an ethical way, deserving of their trust. The Data Ethics Service will be served by a new …

by Sam Nutt
12 October 2022

Key trends across the care ecosystem, priorities, approaches and delivery models to keep an eye on as they are are being re-imagined.

by Genta Hajri
6 October 2022

When I arrived at LOTI one year ago, I thought I had a good grasp of what it meant to do impactful research. “We don’t write reports to sit on bookshelves” was the mantra from my previous job. Even within …

by Sam Nutt
22 September 2022

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