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Genta from the LOTI team shares her thoughts on how we can tackle digital inclusion together as a community in London.

by Genta Hajri
16 February 2024

Rahat Ismail from Barking and Dagenham shares her reflections on co-designing Inclusive Digital Zones in her borough.

by Rahat Ismail
24 January 2024

Eddie shares the first in-depth evaluation of LOTI’s work, conducted by the GLA Economics Team.

by Eddie Copeland
23 January 2024

Eddie Copeland outlines why local government needs to try a different approach to testing radical new innovations.

by Eddie Copeland
13 January 2024

LOTI brought together London borough colleagues from across digital, data, organisational development and more, to learn about how Microsoft Copilot is being, and can be, utilised by local government.

by Anna Humpleby
10 January 2024

As the end of 2023 approaches, each member of the LOTI team reflects on their highlights from the year.

by Polly Kwok
20 December 2023

Jay from the LOTI team shares his 10 reflections from attending the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.

by Jay Saggar
8 December 2023

Highlights from LOTI’s first time at showcasing London at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona.

by Polly Kwok
22 November 2023

Eight reasons why it’s challenging for London boroughs to harmonise the tech they use – what LOTI is doing about it.

by Eddie Copeland

Genta shares some early reflections on the practicalities and challenges encountered with our LOTI’s projects on New Service Models.

by Genta Hajri

Get Online London is helping people in London transform their lives through digital, here are some of the success stories so far.

by Phoebe Scholefield
21 November 2023

Elo Esalomi, a Year 13 student from London, writes about her experiences of the Better Images of AI workshop run during London Data Week in Summer 2023.

by Elo Esalomi
8 November 2023

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