Donate digital devices

By donating devices that your employees no longer use, your organisation could help to break down the barriers for digitally excluded Londoners and have a positive environmental impact – all at no cost to you.

How does it work?

You can donate your devices to the London Device Bank by completing a short form on the Good Things Foundation website or by emailing

Your devices are wiped by an accredited refurbishment organisation (any unusable devices are recycled to raise money for the Device Bank) and can be paired with free mobile connectivity from the Databank.

Community groups, voluntary organisations and local authorities distribute your devices to Londoners and you receive updates on your donations.

What can you donate?

Mobile phones
Gaming consoles
Computer towers
AV equipment
Desktop computers

What are the benefits?

Thousands of organisations across the UK are already helping to drive digital inclusion in their communities as part of the national Online Centres Network.

As a member of the London network, you get access to donated devices and free mobile connectivity for people in your community. You can also help them to gain important digital skills and build their confidence online.

The London Online Centres Network also provides your organisation with training, events, resources and the opportunity to apply for grant funding.

Pictured: SoapBox Youth Centre in London.

Got a question or comment?

Please contact the Get Online London team and we will get back to you within five working days.

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