LOTI is made up of a coalition of London boroughs who want to work together, bringing the best of digital, data and innovation to improve public services for Londoners. View our current list of members here.

That coalition is supported by a central team, based at London Councils, comprised of Eddie Copeland (Director), Genta Hajri (Programme Manager), Onyeka Onyekwelu (Strategic Engagement Manager) and Jay Sagger (Data Projects Manager).

While our work is designed to benefit all London boroughs, we actively work with our core membership of 17 boroughs, the GLA and London Councils, who drive our agenda. 

Those core members fund our work through an annual subscription, which provides a joint budget to get things done. 

The Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer or equivalent role from each borough acts as their main representative within LOTI. However, we actively work with colleagues from many different disciplines right across our member organisations.

Our founding members identified six principles that underpin our collective work.

  1. Push boundaries together – work together to take some risks and innovate.
  2. Focus on the user – relentlessly focus on Londoners as the beneficiaries of our work.
  3. Be a place for ‘doers’ – be and attract people who get stuff done.
  4. Inspire collaboration – encourage joint working at every level and across our organisations.
  5. Work in the open – be honest about our successes and failures and be committed to learning and improving.
  6. Don’t duplicate – build on existing networks and initiatives.

How to Join

Any London borough can become a core member of LOTI. To join, boroughs need to:

  • Confirm in writing they agree to the terms of LOTI’s Membership Charter
  • Confirm they will pay the annual membership of £30,000+VAT. Subscriptions are charged on 1 July by London Councils. Boroughs joining after this date will be charged pro-rata for their first year.
  • Propose a member of their senior leadership team (e.g. CEO, CFO) to join LOTI’s advisory panel.

For a discussion about joining, please get in touch.