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Reflections from the IRMS Conference 2023: Insights on data usage and ethics

Sunny Manchester hosted the IRMS (Information & Records Management Society) annual conference last week and I wanted to share some takeaways and resources.  LOTI Key Themes I was pleased by how much of the conference content fits with LOTI’s key …

by Victoria Blyth
24 May 2023

Supporting the Boroughs to Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis in London

The cost of living is one of the most pressing issues affecting residents across London. As the cost of goods and services continues to rise, it is crucial that local authorities are enabled to take action to support residents. To …

by Jay Saggar

LAUNCHING: London Data Week, 3-9 July 2023

Data and AI are the talk of the town, but how can we include the people of ‘the town’ – Londoners – in meaningful conversations about how we all use data and AI in our city? This July, a group …

by Sam Nutt

What can London learn from South Korea’s smart cities?

In March, I traveled to Seoul, South Korea to learn about the South Korean approach to ‘smart cities’ and to share London’s perspective and progress in this area. The trip was arranged by the British Embassy in Seoul and our …

by Jay Saggar
26 April 2023

Survey Launch: How should local government use generative AI like ChatGPT?

Open AI launched ChatGPT in 2022, and in under a year has captured the public imagination, attracting over 100 million users faster than any other internet service or website in history. ChatGPT, which is built on Open AI’s GPT algorithm, …

by Sam Nutt

A New Data Dynasty: Newham Sparks and London’s Challenge to Silicon Valley

Imagine a vibrant hub of innovation, curiosity, and inspiration, where people of all ages and all walks of life converge to explore and shape the emergent data economy. What is the emergent data economy we hear you scream? Well, come …

by Omid Shiraji

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