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LOTI helps boroughs work together to bring the best of digital and data innovation to improve public services and outcomes for Londoners.

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1 year at LOTI, or, how I learned to be an action researcher

When I arrived at LOTI one year ago, I thought I had a good grasp of what it meant to do impactful research. “We don’t write reports to sit on bookshelves” was the mantra from my previous job. Even within …

by Sam Nutt
22 September 2022

What’s LOTI working on in Year 4?

Eddie Copeland shares highlights from LOTI’s work plan for Year 4, focusing on people, technology, data and methods.

by Eddie Copeland
31 August 2022

We’re hiring! LOTI Digital Innovation Projects Manager

We’re seeking a talented Projects Manager to join our team and help improve public services and outcomes for Londoners!

by Eddie Copeland
17 August 2022

Getting better at data ethics with ODI

As part of LOTI’s work to support London boroughs develop their data ethics capabilities, Sam and Jay recently completed the Open Data Institute’s (ODI) Data Ethics training for Professionals and Facilitators. The course is aimed at developing the skills of …

by Sam Nutt
10 August 2022

Learning from Brent’s Data Ethics Board

In 2021, Brent Council demonstrated their commitment to data ethics by creating a Data Ethics Board, which LOTI was able to help in the development of. Off the back of that, we created a resource pack to guide any other …

by Sam Nutt
4 August 2022

Weeknote 25 of 2022

Latest weeknote from the London Office of Technology and Innovation discussing meetings with our data science and data leaders network and the digital inclusion conference.

by Polly Kwok
2 August 2022

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