Pan London IoT Damp and Mould Project

Using sensors to support dealing with damp and mould across London

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Status: Live

LOTI and the GLA are collaborating to enable the rapid deployment of IoT Sensor technology that solve problems for councils and Londoners. The Pan London IoT Project builds on the projects and expertise generated by the SLP Innovate Programme. You can find detailed case studies of these projects in the LOTI Smart City Case Study Library.

The key objectives of the project are to:

  • Foster IoT adoption and faster implementation¬†
  • Harness the proven experience of a borough team with multiple successful deployments¬†
  • Avoid the unnecessary reptation of IoT trials
  • Prevent data silos
  • Demonstrate technology and data systems that enable a range tangible outcomes
  • Generate new data to make strategic decisions
  • Unlock supplier investment

The first area of focus for the Pan London IoT project will be Damp and Mould.

Damp and Mould in homes is a serious health risk and impacts both physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Social Landlords have a legal obligation to to provide good quality and safe homes and services of tenants and data collection and analysis can be used to support operational and strategic action to deliver on this requirement.

As part of the project we aim to use internet connected sensors to deliver the following:

  • Identify root cause of damp / mould issues
  • Understand scale of problem in boroughs and across London
  • Give confidence that improvements and remediations are working in properties
  • Capture evidence for claims / discussions
  • Identify problems before they happen
  • Proactively mitigate reputation damage

Phase 1

200 sensors will be distributed to 18 boroughs. Each borough will be able to choose how and where they deploy sensors. Potential usecases include:  proactive monitoring to spot issues such as ventilation system failure, reactive response to aid with diagnosis when complaints have been made, baselining in voids and many more.

Phase 1 will test our ability to distribute and deploy sensors to multiple boroughs and provide the support, resources and forums to enable successful placement of sensors, interpretation of the data and action to remediate issues.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the project will see a pan London data platform created to aggregate data collected from the phase 1 participants plus any other boroughs who are collecting damp and mould data via any other sensor or technology. The platform will be designed to meet strategic outcomes for London. These include supporting answering questions for public health, retrofit and housing policy.


Project Timeline


Project Kick Off Meeting

View the slides outlining the project, the technology and commitment requirements (Google Slides)

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Project Kick-off

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