Triaging Digital Inclusion Needs


As part of our efforts to tackle digital exclusion in London, LOTI sought to test the effectiveness of a triaging digital inclusion needs approach with the following four boroughs: Barnet, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark, and Westminster. Each borough implemented a different service model building on LOTI’s previous work on digital exclusion mapping and developing personas which helped us understand the needs, experiences and barriers of people experiencing digital exclusion.

The report and case studies outline each of the four different approaches taken as well as implementation and impact related insights.

Why we created it

LOTI evaluated each of the four approaches and we hope that the lessons learned and recommendations will help boroughs design future services that help identify digitally excluded residents when they first engage with council services and signpost them to locally available digital support.

Who should use it

Digital inclusion and customer service leads would find the lessons learned from each boroughs’ delivery models useful.

Read the executive summary Read the full report

Read our accessible version of the Report on Google Docs.

Borough case studies:



Kensington & Chelsea



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