London Digital Exclusion Personas

What is it?

Personas are a tool for designing services based on user needs. This pack of 24 personas is designed to help you understand the needs, experiences and barriers of people experiencing digital exclusion.

Why did we create it?

The persona pack was created as part of LOTI’s Mapping Digital Exclusion project. The work builds on initial persona research carried out at Westminster and then tested and validated across four other inner and outer London boroughs. The personas have been used to provide a deeper insight into the user needs of the key digital exclusion group demographics that can be identified using LOTI’s digital exclusion map.

Who should use it?

Anyone designing digital exclusion services or interventions in London can use these personas to better tailor their service offer to the types of needs that their users may experience.

The full methodology for developing the personas can be found in the Mapping Digital Exclusion toolkit.

Note: Personas are archetypes and a design guide but are based on research carried out and validated across the five borough partners. Boroughs may want to carry out a validation exercise in their organisations and use the detailed guidance including templates in the Mapping Digital Exclusion toolkit.

London Digital Exclusion Personas

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