A Year in Review from the LOTI team

2022 has been an exciting year at LOTI. We have seen the LOTI team grow to eight people and our LOTI member boroughs grow to 25. We have held at least six major in-person events to tackle issues like net zero and adult social care. We have launched our own e-newsletter, met with other international cities like Tokyo and Paris, launched Get Online London, our digital inclusion service, and much, much more.  

As we near the end of 2022, here are a few reflections from the team on all that our community has achieved and what we are looking forward to in 2023. 

Polly, Communications & Engagement manager: “Having only joined the team in January, it has been great to be part of the LOTI team during such a period of growth and new initiatives. I hope we continue this energy and excitement into the new year and look forward to more ways I can support and promote the amazing work of our LOTI community.”

Victoria, Pan-London Information Governance Lead: “Joining the team in October, I’ve been enjoying working in LOTI’s open and collaborative approach to helping our members. The Pan-London IG role was badly needed for London and that meant I’ve hit the ground running with activities with teams throughout the boroughs and across the capital. I’m looking forward to continued working with boroughs and other public sector organisations in London next year, to deliver for our residents in challenging times.”

Sam, Researcher & Data Ethicist: “This was a fantastic year at LOTI, developing practice and resources in some key issue areas for boroughs, including the Future of Work, Data Ethics and Resident Participation. Personally, I’ve loved taking greater responsibility for leading these things in line with our shared ambitions for London as a whole, and as always, working collaboratively with brilliant people from across local government and beyond.” 

Katy, Digital Innovation Projects Manager: “As the year ends, so does my first month at LOTI. It has been fantastic meeting the team and the wider LOTI Community. I am very excited for what’s ahead in 2023.”

Jay, Programme Manager: Data, Smart Cities and Cyber Security: ‘This year we have seen the conversation around data step up. Boroughs have a clearer vision of how and where data can make a difference both strategically and operationally.  In the coming year, I’m excited to see LOTI’s data collaboration methods enable and enhance projects across many areas including, children’s social care, rough sleeping and net-zero.”

Eddie, LOTI Director: “All our members should look back on 2022 with a huge amount of pride. As a community, we’ve proved that we’re not here just to talk about technology, but to bring a wide range of digital and data innovation skills and capabilities to tackle some of London’s biggest challenges, from climate change to social care reform, and from the cost of living crisis to homelessness. As the LOTI team has expanded, so too has the level of support we can offer to our members. We look forward to hitting the ground running in 2023 with lots more work to help boroughs access the skills and talent they need, and improve their internal operations and the services they deliver for Londoners. My huge thanks to all our amazing partners and collaborators across London!” 

Genta, Delivery Lead Digital Innovation: “This year has been about turning our digital innovation ideas into action. We’ve made significant progress in two key areas. Firstly, on digital inclusion, we’ve been delighted to have been able to support boroughs test their approaches for ensuring their residents can get online. Another highlight is the launch of Get Online London – London’s and possibly the UK’s first digital inclusion service. Secondly, in adult social care, it’s been exciting to make an entrance in this field and start a conversation with boroughs and partners, about the potential of creative, and innovative approaches to support people who need the care to lead thriving lives. Next year, I’m looking forward to working with boroughs to further develop our work in these two areas. None of the above is / would have been possible without the dedication of our borough colleagues, the GLA and our partners, Good Things Foundation.” 

Sam, Team Administrator: “Joining the team in September has meant joining LOTI in the middle of a period of growth. It has been very interesting and encouraging to be part of LOTI as we expand into new areas and enhance the support we offer in existing ones. I look forward to continuing this progress in 2023 and beyond.”

Thank you to all our LOTI members and our partners for making 2022 such a successful year, we look forward to working together in 2023!

Polly Kwok
21 December 2022 ·
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