Weeknote 4 of 2022

What we’ve been doing

Launching our LOTI Leadership Series

Last week we launched the first video in our LOTI Leadership Series. The LOTI Leadership Series is a selection of short videos and other content aimed at councils’ senior leadership teams and elected members, that explain key concepts in digital and data innovation and their role in enabling it. The intention is that the videos will be helpful for leaders, but also for staff working within council digital and data teams who want to find better ways of explaining their needs to their own management. Check out our latest video on “What do we mean by digital?”.

Visiting Enfield

As council offices start to re-open, LOTI are excited to visit our members around London and meet them face-to-face and learn first-hand about their work. Last week, Eddie, Jay and Sam had the privilege of joining Enfield Council at the invitation of Kieran Murphy, their Director of Digital, Data and Technology. We had a great day working in their Civic Centre, so we thank Kieran and Enfield Council for having us, and we look forward to visiting other boroughs soon!

Looking for GIS Support for Digital Inclusion Story Map

LOTI is working with 5 London Boroughs and the GLA to develop tools and resources to support the identification, understanding and design of support services for digitally excluded Londoners. We are looking for GIS support for one of our digital inclusion projects, to build an ESRI Story Map that communicates information about digital exclusion amongst older people to an audience of digital exclusion officers and voluntary and charity sector partners. Please see our call for LOTI GIS Support document for more details, the deadline for applications is 21st February.

Exploring the potential of digitally-enabled service delivery models in social care

We’re taking a holistic approach and are considering the following:

  1. Legacy Technologies: By collating social care system contract data for all LOTI boroughs, we’re hoping to identify areas where boroughs could work together to procure from the market.
  2. Innovative suppliers: We commissioned CC2i to help us better understand the emerging innovations in the field of social care.
  3. New service models: We commissioned PUBLIC, to research examples of how councils in the UK or abroad are using technologies and other digitally-enabled methods to create new service models or address needs in novel ways.

Stay tuned for our full reports in the coming weeks.

Coming up

Among other things, this week we’ll be:

  1. Meeting with our LOTI borough members at our February All Members Meeting.
  2. Hosting a session with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.
  3. Promoting our upcoming events, including LOTI Data Careers Day and Southwark Show and Tell. Visit our Events page for more details on registration.

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Polly Kwok
8 February 2022 ·
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