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Innovation in Procurement

17 December 2020

Introduction In its first year of operation, one of LOTI’s three work areas has focused on improving public sector’s technology procurement. As part of this, in November last year and in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, we launched the City Tools: London …

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Assistive Technology

13 December 2020

Enabling boroughs to measure consistently the impact and effectiveness of assistive technologies that help residents to live independently.

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Electric Vehicle Charge Points

18 November 2020

Introduction One of the Mayor of London’s key priorities is to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and improve Londons’ air quality. To support this and initiate local action, many London boroughs have declared Climate Emergencies and are developing plans …

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Information Governance

16 October 2020

Helping London’s public sector quickly and easily share data in a way that’s legal, ethical and secure.

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Covid Response: Sharing Free School Meals Data

11 September 2020

Using data to identify and support vulnerable residents during Covid

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Digital, Data & Innovation Reference Model

9 September 2020

Helping boroughs understand the capabilities they need to develop to thrive in the digital era

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Internet of Things (IoT)

12 July 2020

Exploring how London boroughs can use smart street infrastructure for the benefit of all Londoners.

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City Tools / Thirty3

1 July 2020

To show and share the technologies used in London’s local government services to allow boroughs to collaborate with one another and innovate in procurement.

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