Preventing vulnerable residents from reaching crisis

LOTI COVID Innovation Fund digital project to develop a preventative approach for supporting vulnerable residents.

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Status: Completed


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many residents becoming newly vulnerable while also exacerbating the needs of those already vulnerable. Boroughs had to urgently respond to these changing needs by putting in place new ways of working, structures and support services, including partnerships with the VCS and community organisations.

Building on the knowledge and lessons learned, Hackney and Newham worked together on a pilot to test the effectiveness of a holistic preventative model. This proactive approach sought to equip staff with the right resources and knowledge to enable them to have better conversations with residents, signpost them to the services they need, and follow up their journey, so they don’t have to repeat their story every time they get in touch.

The outputs from this project include:

A digital platform (beta phase) used by council staff in Hackney to identify relevant support services in their local area. LOTI will make available to other boroughs the following resources that can be reused / repurposed:

  • Open source code
  • Project documentation (user stories and wireframes)
  • Service manual
  • Key contacts for the partner development agency and Hackney ICT

A toolkit consisting of project resources that can be reused by other councils in implementing this preventative approach, including:

  • Survey questions
  • Research guides
  • Workshop formats
  • Peer support session (structure and approach)
  • Tool onboarding plan
  • Link worker model

A ‘train the trainer’ toolkit for setting up and conducting training sessions with staff.

This project was funded by LOTI’s Covid Innovation Fund, launched in December 2020, to help boroughs work together to address Covid-related challenges. For more details on the Fund, please read this blog.



Preventing Residents from Reaching Crisis Toolkit

A toolkit developed to share the methods, approaches and outputs delivered as part of the ‘Preventing Residents from Reaching Crisis’ project.

Project Timeline


Show and Tell: Hackney’s Link Worker Model

Now, six months into the pilot they’ve started calculating the return on investment (ROI), by costing the savings of preventing residents who have used the service. In this Show and Tell, the Hackney team will be sharing their findings.

The Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by colleagues in Hackney and Newham teams and seeks to share the methods, approaches and outputs delivered as part of this project, to make it easier for other boroughs wishing to emulate this approach.

Preventative Working Toolkit Final

Final Show and Tell

In this video, colleagues from Hackney and Newham shared their reflections on the project from its inception to their latest insights in the process of developing outputs. The full presentation is now available to access here.


Phase 2 Show and Tell

In this video, colleagues from Hackney and Newham shared the latest insights from their project to equip customer service staff with the tools and knowledge to make better referrals and support vulnerable people with the help they need from their first contact with the council.

LOTI CIF Digital Mural

Testing different approaches Show & Tell 

On Wednesday 14 April, colleagues from Newham and Hackney shard case studies from their respective teams and progress made on the development of a scalable & replicable tool.


End of Discovery Phase Show & Tell

Register to attend the first Show & Tell from the LOTI Covid Innovation Fund Digital project group, sharing their findings from the Discovery phase

CIF DIGITAL Project Kick Off Meeting


Project Kick-Off Meeting

Convened members from all the boroughs involved in this collaboration to discuss roles and responsibilities, the communications plan and next steps.

Project Kick-off

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