Digital, Data & Innovation Reference Model

Helping boroughs understand the capabilities they need to develop to thrive in the digital era

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LOTI wants to see a future where London’s public sector organisations can thrive in the digital era, achieving their best for their residents. The Covid experience has highlighted that organisations need to be ready and able to adapt at great speed to unpredictable events and crises. Council leaders have seen first hand the pivotal role that digital and data play in making that possible. It’s also placed a new urgency on the need to find more effective and financially sustainable ways of working. To not just survive but thrive in this environment and meet the expectations of their residents, boroughs need to be able to innovate – both individually and collectively – and make the smartest use of all the best tools and methods at their disposal.

Supported by Bloomberg Associates, this project therefore aims to help boroughs understand what capabilities they need to develop in the fields of digital, data and innovation. It sets out to answer questions such as: What does good look like? What do these capabilities consist of? How do we articulate the rationale for developing these capabilities to CEOs and CFOs, as well as CIOs?


Project Timeline


Project Kick off

The project begins with a workshop for LOTI CIOs and project partners to understand what specific outcomes we want to achieve and what problems we want to solve.

Project Kick-off