Digital Inclusion in Temporary Accommodation

Working to ensure that no one is digitally excluded as a result of living in Temporary Accommodation.

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Status: Completed


This project was part of LOTI’s Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme, which aims to use innovative methods to design and scale initiatives that support digitally excluded Londoners who have been left particularly vulnerable during the Covid pandemic.

Phase 1: October – December 2021

The first phase of the project aimed to better understand the specific needs of digitally excluded individuals and families living in temporary accommodation (TA).

Based on early engagement with boroughs and other key partners, LOTI was aware that residents living in all forms of temporary accommodation experience a range of barriers to getting online, including lack of wifi provision in hostels, limited or no access to suitable devices, etc.

We focused on TA hostels specifically, for three reasons. Firstly, we wanted to rapidly test existing hypotheses about the lack of wifi in hostels being a major contributing factor to digital exclusion in TA hostels. Secondly, we wanted to build a deep understanding of the circumstances and digital inclusion needs of those who live in TA. Thirdly, we narrowed our focus to TA hostels for pace and to ensure that any future projects are informed by deep insights and an evidence base of barriers and issues.

Phase 2

The findings from the research undertaken by FutureGov on LOTI’s behalf will inform the set of interventions we put in place to support our overall goal of ensuring that no one is digitally excluded as a result of living in TA. More details to follow.


Project Timeline


Final Show and Tell: Insights and Recommendations

On 14 December, the FutureGov team presented a summary of their conclusions and recommendations for the next steps. Slides can be viewed here. The LOTI team is working with boroughs, the GLA and other partners to design a set of interventions that address the identified digital inclusion needs of residents living in TA hostels. More details to follow.


Show and Tell 2 – Early insights

On 19 November, FutureGov presented the latest findings and early insights from engaging with borough TA hostel leads, hostel managers and residents living in temporary accommodation hostels. Slides from the session can be viewed here.

Show and Tell 1 – Early Findings

On 5 November, at 11 am, FutureGov in collaboration with LOTI hosted a session to share the early findings from the research into the nature of digital exclusion in TA hostels and get feedback from colleagues. View the slides here.


FutureGov appointed to undertake the discovery

LOTI is pleased to announce the appointment of FutureGov for conducting an 8-week discovery to explore the nature of digital exclusion experienced by residents living in London temporary accommodation (TA) hostels.


Tender for temporary accommodation discovery published

LOTI is seeking to commission a discovery project to help understand the needs of residents living in temporary accommodation hostels and identify potential interventions that may help address those needs. The tender documentation can be accessed via the Contracts Finder website.


Temporary Accommodation Workshop

A workshop with boroughs to explore the complex and multifaceted nature of digital exclusion in London’s temporary accommodation.

Summary Notes Digital Inclusion Temporary Accomodation Workshop

Project Kick-off

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