Electric Vehicle Charge Points

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One of the Mayor of London’s key priorities is to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and improve Londons’ air quality. To support this and initiate local action, many London boroughs have declared Climate Emergencies and are developing plans for incorporating greener, cleaner products and ways of delivering services to their residents.

Building on this, LOTI boroughs initiated work on this project, wishing to promote the uptake and use of electric vehicles in London.

We started with this very simple outcome in mind: ‘We wish to increase the uptake of electric vehicles, by enabling Londoners to easily and freely identify available charging points anywhere in London’. We’re doing this because we know that currently, London:

  • Lacks a single source of information on EV charging points and their usage
  • Has a fragmented view of current EV points implemented as a result of different initiatives (GULC, TfL and individual borough projects)
  • Lacks real-time data on EV charging points usage

Coming up next:

  • Prototype 2.0 of the dashboard to include demand layer data
  • Data requirements boroughs can include in future tender opportunities


Project Timeline

LOTI GLA EV Prototype 1.0


Reviewing the first dashboard prototype

GLA, London Councils, and LOTI boroughs met to review the first EV Charge Point Dashboard Prototype.


In collaboration with GLA’s data team, we’re developing a dashboard that will provide valuable insights to borough policy teams’ in helping them strategically plan future EV points across their local areas.

LOTI and GLA EV Charging Points dashboard

EV Charging points workshop notes


LOTI held a workshop with boroughs, and other stakeholders such as the GLA, London Councils, Digital Catapult and others currently actively working in this area, to define the outcomes we wish to achieve and agree key actions.

Read more about the findings here.

Project Kick-off