Assistive Technology Research Report

What is it?

This research review has been carried out to help the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) and London borough officers to better understand and gain visibility of the breadth and quality of existing cases studies available online on the use of Assistive Technologies.

Why did we create it?

The main purpose of Assistive Technology (AT) is to maintain or improve a person’s functioning and independence, to facilitate participation and to enhance their overall well-being. AT has the potential to support and enhance the lives of London residents in need of social care in the UK, however, there is a limited and inconclusive evidence base for AT.

LOTI’s AT research report, published in collaboration with Anneliese Levy of  Thoughtful Content, summarises what is currently known about the impact and evidence on the effectiveness of different ATs.

Who should use it

The research report is intended for use by council staff involved in the design of Assistive Technology projects.

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