Assistive Technology Results Template

What is it?

This template covers the core information that LOTI boroughs wish to know about any previous trial of an Assistive Technology (AT) in order to inform their own work.

Why have we created it?

While numerous AT trials have been conducted around the world, few come with robust or comparable evaluations showing their effectiveness, Return on Investment (ROI) and standard of evidence. There is, therefore, a risk that councils fail to learn from and build on each others’ experiences about what does and does not work. By using this template, councils can help capture more comprehensive information about their pilots to enable their work and lessons learned to be shared and reused by others for the benefit of the whole sector.

Who should use it?

The template should be used by Assistive Technology Leads. It is best used alongside LOTI’s Assistive Technology Pilot Design & Evaluation Guide.

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