How to recruit for hard-to-fill roles

What is it?

This LOTI guide outlines specific measures councils can take at each stage of the recruitment process to increase their chances of successfully hiring for hard-to-fill roles, particularly in the fields of digital, IT and data.

Why did we create it?

Boroughs report that they consistently struggle to recruit for certain roles in the fields of digital, IT and data. In part, this is because they cannot compete on salary with organisations in the private sector. However, there are some simple changes organisations can make that can significantly increase their chances of successfully making a hire. This guide was written by expert recruitment consultant Joanne Cumper to provide advice that is being tried and tested in London boroughs.

Who should use it?

The guide is aimed at hiring managers and HR teams looking at recruitment for digital, IT and data roles. The guide should be read alongside your local recruitment strategy and with support from your internal HR.

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