Dapian – Data Privacy Impact Assessment tool

What is it?

Dapian is an online tool for creating Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs). LOTI co-funded its development by Looking Local alongside the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Norfolk County Council, Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership, Leeds City Council, University of Nottingham, NHSX, Information and Records Management Society (IRMS), and Act Now Training. Information Governance leads from across LOTI boroughs fed into its design.

Screenshot of Dapian Homepage

Screenshot of Dapian Homepage

Why did we create it?

Dapian cuts the overall time to complete DPIAs by ~63% and reduces the cost of completing each DPIA (based on staff time taken) by around £1,232.

The tool has many useful features including:

  • Built-in process and guidance designed specifically for local government.
  • Visibility of all DPIAs created by your organisation.
  • Ability to search for and use DPIAs created by other organisations (preventing necessary duplication).
  • Step-by-step process flow that enables service managers to create DPIAs without having to reply on their IG Lead at every step.
  • Ability to co-create DPIAs with colleagues, inviting them to help with specific steps.
  • Full audit trails of how the DPIA evolved over time.

View a demo of the tool here.

Who should use it

LOTI is encouraging all London borough Information Governance teams to use it, as one of six measures that can improve data collaboration in the capital. Please contact Genta Hajri for more information.

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