LOTI outcomes-based methodology for data projects

What is it?

This deck outlines LOTI’s Outcomes-Based Methodology for Data Projects.

LOTI Outcomes-Based Data Methodology

LOTI Outcomes-Based Data Methodology

Why have we created it?

LOTI’s data methodology focuses on how data leads to action. It starts with real-world outcomes in mind, asking: “Who could do what differently if they had better information?” This kind of action-orientated approach can enable better conversations between senior officers, service managers and their data teams. It also helps pin down exactly which datasets are actually needed and why, making the information governance aspects of data sharing projects more achievable. It complements LOTI’s general outcomes-based project methodology.

Who should use it?

The methodology should be used by borough data teams but is also a helpful resource for service managers and other colleagues who have an idea for how data might improve their work.

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