Digital, Data & Innovation Capability Model

What is it?

LOTI’s Digital, Data and Innovation (DDI) Capability Model aims to catalogue and describe the core capabilities boroughs need or may wish to include in their DDI functions. It includes indicative data on the average number of staff boroughs currently dedicate to those functions, outlines the technologies that are typically involved, and describes the real-world benefits of having each capability.

Why did we create it?

Given the recent rise in importance of digital, data and innovation in how councils operate, and the fast evolving nature of those areas, councils lack a common language and means to describe what good looks like. There is a widespread perception that the sector is essentially making it up as they go along. The DDI model, developed by LOTI fellow Omid Shiraji, and generously funded by Bloomberg Associates, aims to bring a more rigorous, evidence-based approach.

Below can you view the underlying data model, which we will continue to refine and update before turning it into a digital tool that has more functionality. Its aim is to help Chief Information and Digital Officers better design and plan for the capabilities they need to have in place. The next step will be to link this data to a list of job roles that are required to delivery each capability.

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