Digital Inclusion Case Study Library

What is it?

A searchable database (see in tile view or spreadsheet view) of 28 international case studies on digital inclusion initiatives. Each case study includes the following fields: Summary; Category; Organisations involved; Location; Target user group; Problems addressed; What it did; Lessons learned; details of the user need addressed; Impact; Costs and links to further information.

Why did we create it?

This library of interventions is intended to help local authorities who are seeking inspiration on how they might address the needs of different digitally excluded individuals and communities.

Who should use it

The library is intended for use by council staff involved in the design of digital inclusion initiatives.

How do you use it?

The library can be viewed below, or in full-screen mode on Airtable in tile view or spreadsheet view. There are two main ways to search for information.

  1. Click on the 🔍 magnifying glass symbol in the top right-hand corner of the library and type in any keyword or phrase, for example, “wifi”. This will highlight all case study records that contain a match.
  2. Filter by Category.

The following categories are included:
Skills & Training (Residents); Skills & Training (Staff); Device Provision; Connectivity; Community Hubs; Providing Funding; Identifying Needs; Sourcing Ideas; Libraries; Digital Assistance.