Guide to councils’ powers to fund digital access for disabled people

What is it?

A flow diagram and an explanatory note outlining local authorities’ duties and powers to fund the provision of digital access for people living with disabilities.

Why did we create it?

The aim of these resources is to assist local authorities to better understand the funding streams available to them to provide a computer device (such as a laptop) and/or telecommunication service (such as broadband) for disabled people through their statutory duties and powers. They were prepared for LOTI by the Disability Law Service.

Who should use it?

These resources are intended for use by council staff working on digital inclusion measures and those supporting individuals and families living with disabilities.

How do you use it?

The guidance consists of two parts:

  1. a flow-diagram to easily understand the application of the relevant statutory powers and duties and the departments responsible to provide the provisions; and
  2. Explanatory notes of those statutory powers and duties and the applicable funding streams.
View the flow-digram View the explanatory note

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