Housing Tech Supplier Landscape Research

What is it?

A summary of technology providers (other than traditional full-suite HMS incumbents) whose products align with the functional specification for a Housing Management Solution.

Why did we create it?

This resource was created as part of our recent work with Govtech consultants PUBLIC, to support boroughs improve their Housing technology procurement.

One key finding from our work so far in this area is that boroughs are, at least in principle, open to the idea of using innovative software solutions which enable them to deliver better housing outcomes for their residents. However, they often lack the capacity and time to effectively research and then engage with these more innovative suppliers in the marketplace.

We hope this resource will make it easier for boroughs to quickly understand who the key emerging players in the Housing Tech sector are and what their products offer.

Who should use it?

Anyone who is involved in the procurement of Housing and Asset Management Technology.

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