Data Quality: Why it Matters and How to Improve It

What is it?

This LOTI guide is designed to help Data Teams, IT Teams and Service Staff working in councils have better conversations about data quality, why it matters, and where and how to improve it.

Why did we create it?

To a greater or lesser extent, every member of staff working in a council depends on data to do their jobs. Depending on the context of their work, poor data quality may, at best, lead them to be inefficient. At worst, it could lead them to make incorrect – and potentially deeply unethical – judgements that cause significant harm. To be able to make informed, sound and ethical decisions, it’s therefore everyone’s job to care about data quality. Yet many organisations struggle to know where to start. This guide has been designed to provide some simple first steps to start the conversation about improving data quality and identify priority areas for attention.

Who should use it?

This guide is primarily designed for Data Teams and IT Teams to help them have better conversations about data quality with colleagues running different council service areas.

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