Digital, Tech and Data Job Description Library

What is it?

This resource provides a database of job descriptions (JDs) for typical roles in local government digital, technology and data teams. There’s also a form through which councils can upload their own recent JDs to add to the library.

Why did we create it?

Councils spend a huge amount of time writing JDs to attract talent to their organisations. But there’s no need for them to have to start from scratch!

LOTI’s Job Description Library is pre-populated with links to 45 JDs that are based on versions developed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. LOTI is grateful to them for giving us permission to reuse their text. The language in each JD has been checked by the LOTI team and reviewed for gender bias. (Did you know you can check your JDs for gendered language by using tools such as Gender Decoder, The Total jobs Gender Bias Decoder, or Applied’s Job Description?)

Since roles evolve fast, we’ve included a form for councils to upload their own job descriptions, together with details of the advertised salary. Over time, this will help provide several alternative versions of each JD so councils have a selection of examples to inspire their own. It will also help us build up more detailed information about the salaries offered for each role.

For more advice on how to write the perfect JD and improve your recruitment practices, see LOTI’s Guide to Recruiting for Hard to Fill Roles.

Who should use it?

We hope the database and form will be of interest to all hiring managers in councils who look after recruitment for digital, technology and data roles. When viewing the list of JDs, use the ? in the top hand corner of the screen to search for specific job roles.

View the JD Library Upload your own JDs