Research into Digital Inclusion in London

What is it?

A comprehensive report outlining the approaches undertaken by the public, private and third sectors in tackling digital exclusion in London. It brings to light the range of digital inclusion interventions gathered from LOTI’s crowdsourcing exercise as well as the challenges and success factors in setting up digital inclusion interventions.

Why did we create it?

We commissioned this report at the very start of the Digital Inclusion Innovation Programme (DIIP) because we were aware that many organisations across all sectors had worked hard to support their residents/clients etc. by setting up local interventions to enable those without access to get online. Our intention as part of DIIP was to deliberately learn from, build on and add value to what already existed. This approach helped us to work with boroughs, VCS and private sector partners to design initiatives that address challenges on the ground but that are also scalable and financially sustainable.

Who should use it?

Anyone seeking to develop a local digital inclusion strategy, a digital inclusion project or programme of activities.

Download the Report

Read our accessible version of the Report on Google Docs.

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