Recommendations for Data Ethics Capabilities
Skills & Culture

Develop an ongoing organisational dialogue and culture around ethics

Given that ‘doing’ ethics involves having conversations with peers to help understand and navigate complex issues, organisations should foster these skills in their staff and create an environment where people feel comfortable raising issues around ethics.

One way that LOTI recommends doing this, which fits the Agile working methodology that many digital teams already use, is to run internal ‘Show and Tells’, where project owners present their work, discuss what steps they made to check and ensure its ethics and answer any questions from colleagues.

In addition, boroughs might share the impact assessments or ethical evaluations (Recommendation 9) of data projects or the advice given by their data ethics board (Recommendation 10) in internal communications to encourage conversations about ethics. 

An interesting starting point to interrogate the ethical culture in your organisation is this article about ‘the ethical organisation’ by the Danish Design Centre.

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