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It’s time we had a local authority sandbox

13 January 2024

Eddie Copeland outlines why local government needs to try a different approach to testing radical new innovations.

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Using Copilot in Local Government: Lessons from the LOTI AI Meetup

10 January 2024

LOTI brought together London borough colleagues from across digital, data, organisational development and more, to learn about how Microsoft Copilot is being, and can be, utilised by local government.

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10 Reflections from Smart City Expo 2023 in Barcelona

8 December 2023

Jay from the LOTI team shares his 10 reflections from attending the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.

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Why’s it so difficult for councils to adopt the same technologies?

22 November 2023

Eight reasons why it’s challenging for London boroughs to harmonise the tech they use – what LOTI is doing about it.


Procurement as an enabler to innovation – the importance of early market engagement

20 September 2023

Procurement is part of a bigger transformation and innovation puzzle. If done well and outcomes-focused, it can help stimulate the local government tech market and create places where citizens can thrive and feel safe.

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LDW DataThinks: Powered by AI: Positioning London as an innovation and investment hub

11 July 2023

In an emerging global AI economy, can London set itself apart as an AI hub and attractive destination for investment and skilled AI talent?

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Survey Launch: How should local government use generative AI like ChatGPT?

26 April 2023

LOTI is running a short survey to identify how generative AI is currently being used in local government, or how it might be in the future.

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City Tools / Thirty3

1 July 2020

To show and share the technologies used in London’s local government services to allow boroughs to collaborate with one another and innovate in procurement.

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