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Piloting co-operative care in London: the final quarter

22 April 2024

Luke Tanner from Equal Care Co-op shares his experience and work as they entered the final quarter of their Commons-based care pilot project.

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What’s the LOTI Model? Q&A with Director Eddie Copeland

26 March 2024

Eddie Copeland, Director of LOTI, answers some of the most common questions about LOTI and how it all works.

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Harnessing Innovation and Collaboration for Local Government Transformation

29 February 2024

Robin Hobbs from Sullivan & Stanley shares his reflections and key themes from the LOTI All Members Awayday in January.

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Local government innovation works: LOTI evaluation

23 January 2024

Eddie shares the first in-depth evaluation of LOTI’s work, conducted by the GLA Economics Team.

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It’s time we had a local authority sandbox

13 January 2024

Eddie Copeland outlines why local government needs to try a different approach to testing radical new innovations.

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Piloting co-operative care in London: the journey so far

25 October 2023

Equal Care Co-op shares the latest in their LOTI funded pilot to create a co-operative care service in London. 

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Developing a professional linkage platform in Adult Social Care: Reflections at the halfway point

26 July 2023

Social Finance reflects on their project to develop a prototype professional linkage platform for adult social care.

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A new service model allowing care and support to exist in abundance

26 July 2023

Equal Care Co-op’s London Circle partnered with Hackney and Southwark Council in a successful bid to pilot the UK’s first Commons-based approach to care.

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It’s time to boost the “I” of LOTI

26 July 2023

Eddie Copeland outlines how LOTI is evolving to offer more innovation methods to complement and strengthen its work on tech and data.

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Reflections from the IRMS Conference 2023: Insights on data usage and ethics

24 May 2023

Victoria from LOTI shares takeaway and resources from attending the 2023 IRMS (Information & Records Management Society) annual conference.

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Building the Foundations for London-wide Collaboration on Resident Participation

28 February 2023

LOTI convened over 120 participants from London local government to set the foundations for collaboration on resident participation.

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Innovative participatory methods are transforming how councils serve their residents

25 January 2023

LOTI is holding a event centered on resident participation methods, why they are needed, and how to bolster their usage.

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