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Building London local government's digital talent pool through apprenticeships

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Modern public sector organisations recognise that they need staff with excellent digital skills in order to thrive. LOTI boroughs have committed to working together to build London’s digital talent pool by offering at least 100 digital apprenticeships in LOTI member boroughs by September 2020.

Our project began by creating a playbook on how to design and recruit for a successful digital apprenticeships scheme, based on the experience of Hackey’s successful work in this area.

We now convene and support networks for LOTI boroughs’ digital apprentices and their managers. In partnership with Microsoft, LOTI hold regular virtual learning sessions for digital apprentices. These sessions are an opportunity to support this cohort of future digital leaders to develop their professional careers and interpersonal skills.



LOTI Digital Apprenticeship Guides

These guides provide advice on how councils can use apprenticeships to develop their digital talent pipeline.

Project Timeline


Project Complete

LOTI draws the Digital Apprenticeships project to a close – the first in the Digital Leadership workstream.

LOTI Digital Apprenticeships

LOTI and AWS Challenge Day


LOTI and Amazon: Virtual Challenge Day

Bringing to life the opportunities that ‘digital’ could help realise in London’s local government. This is an opportunity for LOTI Digital Apprentices to build their professional network with Digital Apprentices in different roles, in different teams, from different boroughs.


LOTI Digital Apprentices Celebration

Join the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) to celebrate us fulfilling our pledge to offer 100 Digital Apprenticeships in member boroughs by September 2020!

London Tech Week 2020

LOTI Digital Apprenticeships 100


100 Digital Apprentices recruited into London Boroughs!


LOTI and Microsoft: Virtual Learning Sessions

Full programme of sessions delivered twice, focusing on developing technical skills, and on improving soft-skills that will set Digital Apprentices apart.

LOTI and Microsoft virtual learning sessions


LOTI and Microsoft pilot virtual sessions to support Digital Apprentices working remotely during Covid-19

LOTI and Microsoft virtual learning sessions

Summary of 2020-03-11 - Digital Apprentices Link Up


LOTI Digital Apprentices’ Network Meet-Up

Virtual Meet-up for LOTI’s Digital Apprentices network and share their experiences with peers from other boroughs.

Summary_ Digital Apprenticeships Managers Network Lunch 29 Oct 2019


Managers of Digital Apprentices Network Meet-Up 1

See summary



LOTI establishes a Managers of Digital Apprentices network

October 29, 2019

Project Kick-off

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