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Helping boroughs understand how they can use staff policies, technologies and new ways of working to create high-performing workplaces.

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As a result of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, changes to the workplace have accelerated much more rapidly than most organisations previously expected. Local governments adapted their ways of working incredibly fast to respond to the pandemic, and are now trying to work out what they need to put in place in order to become the best possible organisations for this emerging future. There are common pain points, but also common opportunities to build local government better than ever before. 

Boroughs need to act urgently, but many lack the time to explore what good practices exist elsewhere. Given these demands, LOTI is launching this programme of research to ensure that decision-makers are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to design a workplace that not only responds to their immediate challenges, but also takes the opportunity to address long term workplace issues and set more aspirational goals for what their future workplaces might be.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to ensure that boroughs are better informed about how they can (re)design their workplaces to solve both emerging and longstanding problems and take advantage of new opportunities to design high-performing workplaces.



Future Workplace: ‘How to’ guides

LOTI's guides to creating workplaces that attract and retain staff and enable organisations to perform at their best.

How can I… create a hybrid work programme?

LOTI believes that local councils would benefit from a hybrid work programme to help explore different visions of the future.

How can I… create the healthiest future workplace?

There is now an opportunity to create even healthier working environments that boost both the physical and mental health of staff and support a sustainable high-achieving workforce.

How can I… create the most inclusive future workplace?

Inclusive workplaces are happier, more motivated and productive – and ultimately deliver better services for their citizens.

How can I… onboard staff in hybrid workplaces?

Now that many employees are working in a hybrid way (split between remote and in-office working), organisations will have to change how they onboard new staff.

How can I… redesign the office for hybrid work?

In this guide, LOTI explains how an organisation should think through and start testing and implementing solutions that can work for them in their own space.

How can I… run better hybrid meetings?

In hybrid organisations (where employees are split between central offices and remote locations, such as their homes), hybrid meetings are here to stay. But it is not easy to get these meetings right.

Project Timeline

Webinar: Hybrid Technologies for Inclusive Workplaces

In March 2022, LOTI held a webinar with both the technology developers and organisational leaders who are creating, implementing and shaping the future of work. The webinar allowed local government practitioners from digital transformation and organisational development to learn from leaders in the field about how hybrid technologies can help create a more inclusive workplace.

You can read the blog reflecting on the key lessons that emerged from this webinar via this link.

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‘How to’ guides to creating your Future Workplace are published

A series of ‘How can I’ modular guides to creating your aspirational Future Workplace have been published in our Resources section here.

Future Workplace research starts

LOTI kicked of this work by outlining our research aims in this proposal. In late 2021, LOTI Researcher, Sam Nutt, interviewed all our member boroughs to ask about how they are adapting their workplaces and the challenges and opportunities they see.

Future Workplace Research Proposal Picture

Project Kick-off

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