London Climate Goals Design Sprint

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London faces perhaps its most critical challenge in reaching net-zero emissions by 2030.

On 16 and 23 May 2022, LOTI and the London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet) – the group of borough environment leads – hosted a design sprint focused on London’s Climate goals. The event was a chance to bring environment colleagues together with the professionals with expertise in digital, data, smart cities and behavioural insights.

The sprint focused developing solutions in four priority areas:

  • Retrofitting buildings to improve energy efficiency;
  • Switching more of London to renewable energy;
  • Reducing petrol and diesel journeys to tackle transport emissions;
  • Helping London live within the resource limits of our finite world.

Using LOTI’s outcomes-based methodology, the sprint started with all attendees learning about the desired outcomes in each area, identifying the key challenges, and then exploring how data, digital and smart city approaches might provide solutions. As part of our commitment to user centred design, we shared our initial solution sketches developed on day 1 with Londoners via the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Talk London platform. Their feedback and insights informed further design work on day 2.

After two days of intensive idea development we ended up with 11 solution ideas which are now being considered for delivery by LOTI, LEDNet, the GLA and other stakeholders at the event. You can view all the solutions developed on the day plus other key insights in the Climate Goals – Solution Deck (Google Slides)


Project Timeline


Next Steps Update

LOTI and LEDNet met to discuss which projects we are best placed to take forward based on our expertise, resources and the potential impact. View the details in our our Next Steps Deck

An example of the next steps on retrofit taken from the Next Steps deck


Feedback from Londoners

The GLAs Challenge LDN team shared the 11 ideas with more Londoners via the Talk London platform. Read all their feedback in the full report (PPT)


Solutions Summary Deck

View the 11 solutions developed over the 2 day design sprint. If you are interested in taking forward any of the ideas contact:

View the Summary Solutions Deck (Google slides)

Climate Goals Design Sprint Solutions Summary Public Deck

Example Solution Sketch -Solar for All even flats


Day 2: Event Deck

Access the slides for day 2 including solution sketches from Day 1, Feedback on initial ideas from Londoners and design exercises for Day 2.

View the Day 2: Event Deck (Google Slides)


Day 1: Event Deck

Access the slides including climate outcomes overview, How Might We Statements and design exercises

View the Day 1 Event Deck (Google Slides)

The four climate outcome areas featured at the design sprint

Climate Goals Design Sprint Participant Briefing


Participant Briefing

Pre-event Climate Outcomes Briefing.

Project Kick-off

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